David and Wendy Andrews lived together with their 20 friends in the heart of Wiltshire, England in a seventeenth century thatched cottage in the small hamlet of Catcombe...  

Sadly David passed away in November 2014 so the numbers of dogs had to be reduced to be more manageable. There are currently 9 girls living at Catcombe with Wendy.

The dogs are very much members of the family and they all live and sleep in the house! There are kennels, of course, but these are mainly used for bitches in season, visitors and growing puppies

The Video Below:
ALL the dogs together, young and old, on a walk behind our cottage.

Living where we do, it is wonderful that we can take all the dogs together, without leads, for a walk. This impromptu video taken a few years ago was filmed by David and includes Danny Burgess who at that time worked together with me in training dogs for the gun. It will give a flavour of how our dogs are naturally and at play.

From Left:  Carefree, Caesar, Celina, Conifer, Cosset, Cloud, Chasing Dreams, Credit, Canny, Clever, Cyber, Cymbal, Come Uppence, Calloona, Charlie Girl, Cheerio, Chenouk, Carli, Castaway.