Three of my friends having a playtime with two litters of 6 week old pups (Czarina and Royals pups and Conny's and Oscar's pups - The darker ones are working bred. All together in the outside pen.

New born pups less than 24 hours old



Our aim as breeders, is to breed healthy Golden Retrievers that are both beautiful to look at and a joy to live with.


Temperament has always been our number one priority.


We want our puppies to be a loved and loving member of a family, and to be utterly reliable and trustworthy in all situations.

We also believe passionately in the dual purpose Golden Retriever.


We want brains, as well as beauty.


So we have tried, over the years, to select stud dogs for our girls that have been successful in the Show ring and been worked by their owners in the field, thereby preserving intelligence, natural working aptitude and a will to please – biddability- in their puppies.

As well as the dogs mentioned above, bred for conformation and the ability to work, we also have a line of working-strain puppies of pure Field Trial breeding.


Today, to compete successfully at the highest level in Field Trials, running against Labradors, a dog of slimmer build, and racier lines is needed. So we have established two different breeding lines within our ‘kennel’.


For these we have bred exclusively from dogs which have shown exceptional ability both in the shooting field and in Field Trials. – our pedigrees include many Field Trial Champions and Field Trial winners. The considerations here in breeding are slightly different where more emphasis is placed on intelligence, speed, style and good nose-work. However, some of our Field Trial dogs have won well in other disciplines like agility and obedience.


We do not often have field-strain puppies for sale and require that the homes they do go to are very active and the owners prepared to engage in some discipline where the puppies are mentally stretched. They are specifically bred to be super intelligent and physically very active, and they need more than a sedentary life style

Either way we aim to breed strong healthy puppies free from inherited problems.

We have screened our dogs using the Kennel Club / British Veterinary Association schemes for eyes and hips and elbows since their inception.. We now also DNA test for GR PRA 1&2, ichthyosis, prcd PRA and muscular dystrophy.


Hips 6:6   Elbows 0:0   Eyes clear Certs

DNA clear for GR PRA 1 & 2, ichthyosis, Muscular Dystrophy and prcd- PRA.

Caitlin is of Field Trial Breeding and is a super working girl, very fast, stylish, intelligent, courageous and eager to learn.

Caitlin has been mated to Holway Flint of Foxcote (Oscar) owned by Jill Gardner and is expecting puppies - hopefully- at the end of September 2019.

Click image to enlarge Caitlin's pedigree.

Click image to enlarge Oscar's pedigree and health details

This is a similar mating to the one her sister Conny had last summer. These puppies feature in the first video above.


Hips 3:3 Elbows 0:0  Eyes clear

DNA Tested PRA 1&2 clear. 

A real sweetheart, Czarina is very gentle and loving and is most affectionate.

It is planned to mate Czarina when she comes into season this Autumn (2019) to Anguskye Run to You By Leighsham. (Royal)   This is a repeat mating of the one Czarina had previously which was very successful.

Click image to enlarge Czarina's pedigree.

Click image to enlarge Royal's pedigree and health details

Hips 7:6   Elbows 0:0   Eyes clear
PRA 1 & 2 clear (hereditory)

Naughty at times but full of life, she has the sweetest personality ever. She lives up to her name!

Cherub is still a sweet youngster who will be 2 years old in Dec 2019. She will be mated in due course. A mate for her has not been decided yet.


Hips 4:5   Elbows 0:0   Eyes clear certs.

DNA clear for GR PRA 1 & 2, ichthyosis, Muscular Dystrophy and prcd- PRA. 

Conny is of Field Trial Breeding and is a superb worker. She is reliable, fast and highly intelligent, responsive and lightning quick in her reactions.

Conny was mated to Holway Flint of Foxcote (Oscar) and had a beautiful litter in 2018. It is hoped to mate her again sometime in the future. No mate for her has been decided yet.

Click image to enlarge Conny's pedigree.