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The Breed Standard Illustrated

By Wendy Andrews

Available in either English or a French translation.   Hardback 8” x 10”. 100 pages with 4 in full colour and over 100 line drawings.

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Example pages from the book:

The permitted range of colour for Golden Retrievers.

In this book the Breed Standard, the blueprint of the ideal Golden Retriever issued by the Kennel Club, is explained and illustrated. Clear, simple diagrams and explanatory text are given for each feature. The complete dog is covered, point by point with illustrated examples of what is correct and what is incorrect. The anatomy, skeleton, muscle-structure, conformation, movement, temperament and essential breed characteristics are all covered. A useful section is included on the terminology used in judging critiques.

Quotes from the foreword written by the late Michael Twist (Bryanstown)



"The clarity, detailed portrayal and analysis of the breed standard is exceptionally high; to a degree that it immediately elevates it into the realm of a classic"


"This book is a MUST for those who are seriously considering breeding, judging in the future, or, indeed, have already started out along the latter road; further it could provide a timely and informative refresher of the breed standard for all judges. I had my first Golden in1946; I have no hesitation in saying that, since then, this is by far the most explicit and helpful work on the conformation of the Golden Retriever I have encountered ."

Covering the first 100 years of the Golden Retriever Club's history from 1913 to 2013. commencing with the Early Pioneers of the Breed and the formation of the Club by Mrs Charlesworth and others in 1911.

This book relates the story of these pioneers facing and conquering scepticism and ridicule from friends and family. How they nurtured the fledgling Club and precious breeding stock through the horrors and deprivation of two World Wars, and emerged to do battle to establish a dog of an even, well constructed size, type and colour; together with a sound temperament and working ability.


As the worth of the breed as a gundog grew and was recognised by shooting men, so did its popularity and it was soon established as one of the most successful of the gundog breeds. Resumes are given of these early kennels and we are proud to include new, never before published research.


The Breed and the Golden Retriever Club has grown from strength to strength since, with this book following its progress. It has not all been 'plain sailing' for the Club, but it has survived and grown from 25 members to 2,500 worldwide. It can be proud it has supported, encouraged and nurtured the breed which emerges after 100 years with that same wonderful gentle and biddable temperament which, right from the beginning, breeders of the last 100 years have been so careful to preserve.



  • Comprehensive collection of Quotations from eminent personalities, breeders and judges on every topic imaginable- a fascinating insight!
  •  Records from 1923- with the publication of the Club's first Year Book - with winners of all Club activities - Field Trials, Championship Shows, Obedience and Working Tests. Together with General Best in Show and Gundog Group winners and Top Golden of the Year Awards.
  •  Kennel advertisements of well known kennels from the 20's to the present day.
  •  The book is illustrated throughout with thousands of precious archive photographs.

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Price £30 (plus postage)

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